Mr. Lemon makes
your life easier
ensuring freshness
and quality for longer


Mr.Lemon: lemon slices,
fresh for much longer

Mr. Lemon Slice is a revolutionary product that aims to be an element of aid in terms of time and costs for catering sector professionals.

Many are the establishments that use half lemon slices in their daily work, which entails certain drawbacks in terms of time, personnel for cutting and the consequent occupational hazard, the cutting place, the space for storing the surplus raw material produced from cutting or due to expiry...with Mr. Lemon Slices there is no longer any need to worry about all this.


half slices

Mr. Lemon comes in an original container in which the half lemon slices stay fresh much longer, without losing their properties, taste, texture or quality. Thanks to its packaging, the product can be stored easily and has a longer expiry date, thus avoiding unnecessary product losses, being a benefit for catering sector professionals.


It is a convenient and reliable solution. The product will always be readily available in the best conditions. Its practical 1,500 ml bucket has sufficient half lemon slices for 115/125 services.


Fresh. Safe.

The combination of freshness and durability is what makes Mr. Lemon an attractive, unique and quality product with the same characteristics as a freshly-cut lemon. Furthermore, any risk of food contamination as well as accidents at work are avoided, since no handling is required for its use and it lasts a lot longer.

It is the ideal product for catering sector professionals because it optimizes time and ensures control over product costs. The total absence of waste is guaranteed, due to its long expiry date with the container unopened, as well as for the three weeks use-by date once it has been opened.


Conference & Banqueting,
Leisure & Night

Mr. Lemon is designed so that catering sector professionals may have a wide range of possibilities where to use the lemon slices. It is the ideal solution for all premises handling lemon slices, offering a long-lasting, fresh and quality product, and optimizing time and costs.


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Banquets / Conferences
Hotels / Catering.

Bars / Cafeterias

Menu-of-the-day Restaurants
À-la-carte Restaurants
Cake Shops / Takeaways

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